plymouth law review

Plymouth Law Review

Volume 8, 2016


21st Pilgrim Father’s Lecture:
Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls, The Globalisation of Law, 1-15

Visiting Lecturers:
Hamish Anderson, An Introduction to Corporate Insolvency Law, 16-47

Kate Gleeson, Alleviating the ‘Miserable Condition’: Fitzjames Stephen and the Development of Modern Abortion Law, 48-67

David Cox, Plymouth Past: Sustainable Future Report on Plymouth Law School ESRC Festival Exhibition, 68-72

Staff and Postgraduate Articles and Reports

John Kirkhope, The Duchy of Cornwall and the Principle of Crown Immunity, Part II: Is the Duchy Free to Break the Law without Criminal Sanction?, 73-83

Judith Rowbotham and Kim Stevenson, A Point of Justice – Granted or Fought For? Women’s Suffrage Campaigns in Plymouth and the West Country, 84-98

Dale Teobald, A Naval ‘Fracas’: From Boat Race to Bounce, 99-108

Penelope Childs, Gender Fraud’ Where do we go from here? 109-117

Arta Jalili Idrissi, The Soviet Legacy: Crime and Punishment in Latvia,118-124

Katie Pratt, The Utility of Key Hate Crime Concepts, 125-130


Graduate Articles


Jonathan T Ward
, Acquiring the Right to Get to the Light at the End of the Tunnel: Rationalising Property Theory, 131-155

Cara O’Donoghue, The Evolving Interface between European Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: Is there a Balance to be Achieved?,156-180

Anna Parsons, LASPO: Balancing Access to Justice with Legal Austerity in Private Family Law, 181-198

Abigail Saunders,
The Animals Act 1971 Places a Disproportionate Burden on the Keepers of Animals and is in Need of Reform, 199-217

Hamish Tye, Does Julian Assange Illustrate a Gap in Law that should be Codified?218-238

Bobbie Ryan (Best Project), A Critical Analysis of the Investigative and Procedural Powers of the European Commission in Implementing Competition Law, 239-259


Criminal Justice

Louise Hall, Female Perpetrated Domestic Abuse: A Study Exploring the Hidden Experiences of Male Victims through a Thematic Analysis of Online Blogs, 260-282

Patrick Allen, Legal High Use among Young Adults in the South-West Rave/Party Community: Implications for UK Drug Policy, 283-309

Gemma Henderson, The Changing Face of Domestic Abuse Service Provision, 310-332

Coralie Wright, The Absent Voice of Male Domestic Abuse Victims: The Marginalisation of Men in a System Originally Designed for Women, 333-350

Student Reports and Student Societies
Rhianna Greenley, National Law Live, 351-353

Joshua Chauhan and Osilama Ozekhome, Clifford Chance University Alliance Open Day 2015, 354-355

Louise Hall, Devon and Cornwall Police Prize for Highest Achieving Student Overall,356-357

Gemma Henderson, Work Based Learning Report: Policing Sexual Assaults, 358-361