plymouth law review

Plymouth Law Review

Volume 7, 2015


21st Pilgrim Father’s Lecture:
Dame Heather Hallett, A Judge in the Modern World, 1-11

Guest Lecture:
Sir Louis Blom-Cooper, Life After Death, 1-9

Staff and Postgraduate Articles and Reports

Ann Lyon, The Illustrious House of Hanover, 10-26

Khamael Al-Faris, The Historical Background of the Relationship Between Foreign Nationals and Crime: A Case Study of Irish Criminality in the UK, 27-46

Stefano Congui,Jus Cogens: The History, Challenges and Hope of ‘A Giant on Stilts’, 47-60

Hugo deRijke, From Civil War to Ebola: Justice and Legal Education in Sierra Leone, 60-70

Patricia Gray and Kim Stevenson, ESRC Festival of Social Science: Challenging Perceptions of Law and Criminal Justice, 71-76


Graduate Articles


James Kirton
, ‘The Only Game in Town’ – But is it a Legal One? American Drone Strikes and International Law, 77-112

Samantha Loveridge, Europeanization, Environmental Policy and the UK, Analyzing Perspectives of Offshore Wind Farms and Planning Procedures, 126-137

Annie Martyn, The Common Agricultural Policy: An Adequate Means of Supporting Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services within the European Union? 138-166

Jordane Watson, Does the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Adequately Protect Persons with Learning Difficulties Against Needless Non-Consensual Sterilisation? 167-194

Ifeolu Tokimi (GSM), Liberty and Security in the Age of Terrorism: Negotiating a New Social Contract, 195-212


Criminal Justice

Michael Ives, Front-Line Facilitators: A Study into the Conceptualisation and Implementation of Restorative Justice by Ground-Level Police Officers, 213-240

Ben Coombes, High Times: An Ethnography of Young Adult Drug Use, 241-263

Student Reports and Student Societies

Grace Liddicoat, Report: Winner Devon and Cornwall Police Prize for Highest Achieving Student in the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing, 264-265

Arta Jalili Idrissi, Improving Policing and the Criminal Justice System: More Justice and Equality. A Personal Commentary, 266-269
Louise Dale and Louise Northcote, Plymouth Innocence Annual Report 2014 and Debate Report 2014, 270-278

Natasha Mason and Alex Passman, South West Employment Rights Centre Report 2014, 279-286

Stephen Gibson, Plymouth Student Law Society Mooting Report 2014, 287-289