plymouth law review

Plymouth Law Review

Volume 6, 2014


20th Pilgrim Father’s Lecture:
The Right Honourable the Lord Judge, The Art of Advocacy, 1-13

Inaugural Pilgrim Father’s Lecture:

Lord Bingham,
Anglo-American Reflections original reproductions

Articles and Research Reports

Tom Smith, ‘Justice For Sale’: An Empirical Examination of the Attitudes of Criminal Defence Lawyers Towards Legal Aid Reform, 14-40

John Kirkhope, , Is the Duchy of Cornwall Entitled to Crown Immunity? , 41-57

C. J. Newbery-Jones,
Legal Heroes and Practising Villains in the Nineteenth Century Press, 58-69

Harry Perrin, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): An Overview of Some Common Mechanisms, and their Strengths and Weaknesses in Context, 70-79

Patricia Gray, Report of Research on Youth Offending Team Partnerships and the Social Context of Youth Crime.

Graduate Articles

Danielle Lowther, Working Towards Productive Seas: A Comparative Analysis of the Marine Management Regimes under UK and Scottish Law,

James Bird, Article 6 in the Supreme Court: Conflicting Views on the Right of Confrontation 107-126

Carrie-Ann Blockley,
The Coroners and Justice Act 2009: ‘(A)Mending’ the Law on Provocation? 127-147

Lisamarie Deblasio, Hiding Behind the Law? A Critique of the Law and Practice under the Adoption and Children Act 2002, 148-172

Oludolapo Ogunsola (GSM), Privacy v Freedom of Speech: A Comparative Study on the Law of Privacy and Freedom of Expression in Relation to the Press, in the UK and the USA, 173-191

Criminal Justice

Sarah Hocking, Re)Settlement? Transitions from Custody to Community for Socially Excluded Children and Young Peopl 192-213

Alexander Bryan, Digital Piracy: Neutralising Piracy on the Digital Waves 214-235

Grant Kennett,
The Viewing Glass of Disorder: Do Adults’ Perceptions of ‘Youth’ Affect their Perceptions of the ‘Disorder’ in their Locality? 236-237


Elliott Fitzsimmons, Placement Report: The National Police Pre-Join Award and Placement with Devon and Cornwall Police,

Rowena Pearce, Placement Report: Dealing with Budget Cuts: The Impact, the Report Centre and the Future, 237-240

Alice Hawkins,
Poster Presentation: The Hidden Dangers of the Internet, 241-243

Emily Holloway-Smith, Conference Report: Students as Partners: the National Law Student Forum 2013, 244-248

Kim Stevenson and Lisa Deblasio, Conference Report: British Undergraduate Research Conference Plymouth 2013, 249-253

Miles Tarrant with Xander Hindson, Law Field Trip to Europe February 2013, 254-258

Pippa Trimble, Plymouth Innocence Project Report 2012-13, 259-262

Jason Lowther, ‘Marine Environmental Law and Sustainability: Developing a Post Graduate LLM, 276-280