plymouth law review

Plymouth Law Review

Volume 5, (Autumn 2012) 2013


19th Pilgrim Father’s Lecture:
Sir John Thomas, President of the Queen’s Bench Division, Quality and Accessibility: Legal Education In an Age of Austerity, 1-16

Staff and Guest Lectures

Gareth Addidle,
Reflections on Restorative Justice Conference – ‘Creating A More Transparent, Responsive and Effective Criminal Justice System’, 17-23

Harry Blagg, ‘A Problem Shared...?’ Some Reflections on Problem Solving Courts and Court Innovation in Australia, 24-38

Janette Kelly and Nicola Surtees, , We Are a Family: Legal Issues for Lesbian and Gay Parented Families In New Zealand, 39-49

Tom Smith,
Exploring ‘Practical’ Conceptions of the Role of the Criminal Defence Lawyer: A Methodological Overview, 50-71

Martin Wright, Restorative Justice: Its Relationship to Law and Society, 72-79

Post-Graduate Reports

Nishtiman Mohammed, Proposed Research into the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Kurdistan and the UK,

Law Graduate Articles

Amy Giles, The Assessment of Benefit Under Part 2 of the Proceeds Of Crime Act 2002: A Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut? 85-109

Nicola Mitchell-Rodd,
Redefining Murder: Joint Enterprise, 110-130

Lucy Nash, The Uncertainty of Article 8 ECHR in Relation to the Removal of Foreign Criminals, 131-149

Rebecca O’Connor , A Right to a Child of One’s Own? The Legal Justification in Limiting Access to Assisted Reproductive Treatment, 150-170

Rachel Walsh, The Odd One Out: Felony Murder, The Law of Parties, and the Execution of Non Killers, 171-190

Criminal Justice Graduate Articles

Anne Westcott, Why is There Lack of Recognition for British Children who are Victim to Internal Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation? 191-211

Peter Chatten, Pregnant and in Prison: Can the Quality of Services Provided Affect the Overall Perception of Being Pregnant in Prison? 212-228

Heather Coombe, To What Extent Does Police Occupational Culture Impact on the Social and Domestic Lives of Police Officers, 229-247

Nicholas Smith, The Recognition of State Crime and the Syrian Uprising, 248-271

Law and Criminal Justice Student Activities and Reports

Joshua Lintern, Report of The President of the Student Law and Criminal Justice Society 2011-2012,
272- 277

Innocence Project, Annual Report 2011-2012, 278-282

Amy Carter,
Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour: The Issue of the Multi-Agency Approach, Poster Presentation, 283-285

Kelly Grant, Proactive Policing: The Role of a Police Community Support Officer and the Value of Community Engagement, 286-288

Rebecca West, Plymouth Reducing Offending through Meaningful Interventions Service, 289-291

Stefano Congiu, Reflections on China: Plymouth and Shanghai Maritime Universities Exchange Programme, 292-300

Daniel Packer, Kent Critical Law Society Conference 2012: Conference Report, 301-303