plymouth law review

Plymouth Law Review

Volume 3, Autumn 2010


17th Annual Pilgrim Fathers' Lecture:
Lord Justice Thorpe, Globalisation and International Family Justice in the 21st Century, University of Plymouth, 26 November 2010

Student Authored Articles:

Lauren Sayer, (Best Law Graduate 2010)
Purdy: The First Step on the Road towards Assisted Suicide 1-21

Jacqueline Scott, The Concept of Consent under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 22-41

Megan Philips, 'Cap and Trade': Reducing Carbon Emissions and the Climate
Change Act 2008

Harry Perrin (Best Diploma of Law Graduate 2010)
Challenging Compulsory Admission to Hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983 57-68

Sophie O'Connell, Gender Based Crimes at the International Court 69-80

Gavin Ruddy, R v Southampton and Fatal Medical Negligence: An Anomaly or a Sign of Things to Come? 81-92

Staff Research Articles:

Maggie Hemsworth,Why Bother with Podcasting? A View from the Legal Practice Course

David Cox, The Habitual Eccentricities of the Solons of Staffordshire: An Investigation of the Circumstances Surrounding the Parliamentary Enquiry into the Ill-treatment of Mrs Eliza Price of Brierley Hill, 1845 109-127

John Kirkhope,
"A Mysterious, Arcane and Unique Corner of our Constitution": The Law Relating to the Duchy of Cornwall 128-141

Penny Childs and Nigel Firth 'You're Hired: Bridging the Gap between Law Student Career Aspirations and Employment Opportunities 142-57

The Student Law and Criminal Justice Society Report:
Richard Blackmore, Annual Report of the President 2009-2010

News and Student Features:

Eni Timi-Biu, Volunteering a Student Perspective

Charlie Bird, Moot Report 2009-2010

Jennifer Politt and Iain Henning, The Innocence Project One Year On

Lesley Simmonds and Paul Richards, New Developments in Work Based Learning and Volunteering within criminology and Criminal Justice Studies at the Plymouth Law School