plymouth law review

Plymouth Law Review

Volume 1, Autumn 2008

15th Annual Pilgrim Fathers' Lecture:

Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, 'The Human Rights Act 1998 - The Needs of the Many and the Rights of One' 20 November 2008

Student Authored Articles:

Lynne Follett,
Access to Justice – Rights or Rations? Comparing European Legal Aid Systems in the Context of a Shrinking Budgetary Environment 1-28

Chivonne Booth, The Halliday Report: In Pursuit of a New Sentencing Framework or a Catastrophic Failure? 29-55

Louise Harris, How Effective are Anti-Doping Sport Measures in the UK? 56-78

Staff Research Articles:

Andrew Clark, Public Rights, Private Land And Access to the Coast:
The Coastal Access Provisions of the Draft Marine Bill

Peter Shears, Food Fraud, Current Issue but an Old Problem 118-139

Paul Todd, Cohabitation and Property: The End of the Road for the Traditional

Postgraduate Research Reports:

David Moore
, Parliament Act 1911: Constitutional Treason or Democratic

Henry Yeomans, Intoxicating Measures and Temperance Agendas: Attitudes to
Alcohol in Britain

Feng Shi, Utmost Good Faith in Marine Insurance: A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Maritime Law 154-160

The Student Law and Criminal Justice Society Report:
Peter Knibbs, Annual Report of the President 2007-2008 161-163

News and Features:

Sarah Butcher and Laura Gomme, Innocence UK is Coming to Plymouth  164-166

Marjorie Creek, A Conviction to Address Possible Wrongful Convictions 167-168

Stephen Robillard, South West Employment Rights Centre - SWERC 169-172

Margaret Hemsworth, The New Style Legal Practice Course 173-179