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Volume 9, Autumn 2017
Volume 8, Autumn 2016
Volume 7, Autumn 2015
Volume 6, Autumn 2014
Volume 5, (Autumn 2012) 2013
Volume 4, Autumn 2011
Volume 3, Autumn 2010
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Volume 10, 2018


24th Pilgrim Father’s Lecture:
The Right Hon Lady Black of Derwent DBE, Justice of the Supreme Court,
(forthcoming on the subject of International Family Law )

Graduate Articles


Jordan Owen,
 Tearing Up the Patchwork Quilt: An Examination of How, Why and When Liability for Psychiatric Injury in the Tort of Negligence, 1-20

Victoria Boruta, The Position of the Estate Owner and the Adverse Possessor, A Comparison Between England and Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, 21-42

Shannen Trout, First World Problems, Developing World Impacts: An Assessment of the Adequacy of the Law on Shipbreaking, 43-66

Jessica Clarke, The Demise of the Traditional Jury and Jury Impartiality with Particular Focus on Media Intrusion 67-83

Criminal Justice

Michael Felstead, Identifying Factors that Influence the Use of Dark Web Cryptomarkets: Qualitative Interviews with Cryptomarket Users, 184-104

Jodie Nash, A Critical Examination of the Police Use of Tasers, 105-123

Thomas Roscoe, Criminology on the Buses, How do Structures of Neoliberalism and Culture Impact Crime and Role Performance within the Bus Industry, 124-144

Student Reports
Paige Peacock and Dani Harper, The Annual Pilgrim Fathers’ Lecture 2017: A First Year Perspective, 145-148

Virginia Butcher, Built and Natural Environments: The Annual Garner Lecture for the UK Environmental Law Association, 149-154

Julia Glukhikh, Erasmus+ Mobility Programme: My Internship with German Law Firm Nzp Nagy Legal, 155-159

Ryan Cornelius, Client Interviewing: Becoming a National Champion, 160-164

Adam Price, A Magnum Opus? Winning the 2017 Flux Competition, 165-184

Georgia Lucas, Megan Luke, Kim Stevenson and Craig Newbery-Jones, ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017:‘Creating Purpose’ Crime History Exhibition, 185-192

Staff Articles

Pippa Trimble, Medical Law at Plymouth: A Different Approach, 193-198

Luke Fisher, Practitioner to Academic: A Reflective and Personal Account, 199-205